Why to choose Unity Development for your game development

Ankit Dave - Unity Developer

Why to choose Unity Development for your game development

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The gaming industry is an ever green industry, there are lots of tools and frameworks for game development, can either be desktop or mobile games.

As mobile usage has increased, mobile gaming has boomed up like anything. People have built billion dollars company by entering the mobile gaming industry.

If you are planning to develop a mobile game, you should go with Unity. There are many benefits of using Unity Game Engine. 

Why Unity & how Unity platform can be used as a ladder to build an empire in IT industry if used effectively?

1. Unity is a cross platform game engine, so you will need to develop it once and deploy on any platform mainly Android, IOS, Windows, and Desktop.

2. Unity is a very stable game engine and has all in-built libraries that a game developer needs to develop a game or an app.

3. Development becomes faster, as unity developers do not need to code everything as it has in-built functions and assets on Unity store. 

4. Using unity you can develop both 2D Games and 3D games.

5. Unity also supports virtual reality and augmentation reality.

In fact, as per a survey conducted by Unity, 34% games are developed using unity engine. 5 Billion Game Downloaded in 2016 were developed in Unity. And Unity is considered the best for AR & VR as 80% of AR & VR apps are developed in Unity.

6. Unity's only drawback is the size of the apps built in Unity. It takes high configuration systems to run Unity apps.

If you have a good concept in your brain for development of a  mobile game and thinking which platform to choose, then Unity would be a perfect choice. 

7. Just one idea or concept that you have, which might help the society to make things easier & improve the comfort you are half way there to become a billionaire. Followed by an amazing app developed preferably in Unity2d/unity3d and then you just breathe and count money.

With the rise of the gaming industry, worldwide you will easily find well-experienced unity developers to hire and companies that provide services in the development of Unity2D and Unity 3D app.

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