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Here I will tell you what makes Unity Game Engine stand out from the mainstream cross-platform game development technologies. Following listed features make Unity a better choice for development of a game or mobile application:


To prevent delay in the development of an app or a game, Unity3d game engine provides an amazing feature which can be used by a group of Unity developers in collaboration to carry out a particular task or maybe more. Using this Collaboration feature, Developers get the privilege to save, share, and sync their Unity Projects. 

To make this happen, they provide a cloud-hosted system which is easy to use. So this way, regardless of their location or role, the entire team can contribute to the Project effectively. Using the Collaboration feature you get the following listed comfort:

- Be In Sync

It keeps you up to date with the progress of the project and in sync with the team as it doesn't matter where you are located because your project is cloud-hosted. 

- Develop, Innovate and Create Together

Efficient team building. To start working together you can invite your team members right in the editor.

- Easy Contribution

The artists, QA & everyone else in the entire team can contribute effectively.


Unity Cloud Build not just keeps you connected and lets you work in sync with other team members, rather it also makes it easy and simple to create and even share builds of your app or game. It serves many functionalities to help you iterate well with your team with automatic compiles, deploys, and tests of your game. It is installed in seconds & it works with your control repository of the existing source.

New! Cloud Build is now part of Unity Teams & following are the point to be taken into consideration:

- Optimizes the flow of Work

A single automated pipeline for simplifying your build tools and processes, hence improved workflow optimization.

- Multiplatform Scaling

Unity Game Engine is renown for production of simultaneous build for multiple platforms and app stores. Unity supports most of the mobile, hand-held, desktop, and AR/VR platforms. Where it is voted best for VR productions.

- Seamless Deployment

In Unity, you can share your app or Game Builds easily with your team. Moreover, you & your teammates can easily download and install those Builds from anywhere.


It has never been this easier to setup IAP than Unity Game Engine's IAP functionality, you can easily set-up in-app purchases across many technologies, be it iOS, Google Play, Mac, Windows and any other app stores. Using a single Unified API, in-app purchases can be enabled across multiple stores. 

Once the in-app purchases are enabled, you can easily get the insight which helps to fully understand and optimize your in-game economy.

- Codeless IAP

Simplified in-app purchase i.e IAP set-up across multiple stores. The Unity3d Game Engine producers took good care of the programming part, so the developers can focus on designing a better game. The Codeless IAP lets you to easily port the in-app purchases to multiple stores. Moreover, it helps you automate the real-time transaction flows. To monitor your revenue & purchase data use Unity Analytics.


- Leading the XR Revolution

According to a survey,  Unity Game Engine is the most used VR development platform. Moreover, 91% of HoloLens experiences are Made with Unity3d Game Engine. You can trust Unity's high optimized rendering pipeline whether it's VR, MR, or AR. You can also count on Unity Editor for its rapid iteration capabilities to help your XR creative vision a reality.

- Reach the maximum possible audience

All the latest and greatest platforms are supported by Unity. For Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Playstation VR, Gear VR, Google’s Daydream View, and  Steam VR/Vibe we have Native support.

- Super-high frame rates

To help you further optimize your content, we have highly-optimized stereoscopic rendering pipeline and tools.

- Development is Rapidly Iterative 

Once a platform-specific build has been made, tweak some values and build again

- Create the best VR Projects with Ease

In order to cater an awesome VR development experience, we have close collaboration & connections with leading device manufacturers. 

- Unity extensibility in action

Third party hardware is also allowed to manufacture their own plugins and SDKs using Unity Extensibility. You can use Unity game engine to develop an amazing AR/VR experience but you might not get all the benefits of our highly optimized pipeline. Moreover, in order to include the Cardboard SDK for Unity, MergeVR, OSVR, and Vuforia. Third-party plugins are already available.

So above are the points that prove why Unity Game Engine has emerged as the favorite cross-platform game development technology and has taken over the market. 

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Hope you enjoyed reading and follow us for more tips and trends related to Unity Platform

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