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Hello, Readers!

Nowadays mobile developers are trying many tactics to get more downloads & reviews but what should actually be done has been explained in the points mentioned below:

  • Downloading the app shouldn’t chargeable to the users:

Users tend to ignore paid apps unless you have created something out of the world. Else you can use “Freemium” if you wish to earn and also have to offer free downloads. Freemium provides free downloads but later charges for various features such as if we talk about an action game, don’t allow all weapons but later allow with a charge. 

  • You can also keep both - Free & Paid versions:

The Free version will most probably be a demo version for the user to get an idea about the app. Later provide them with an option to experience the whole setup but against payment. Moreover, assure that your app Ad free or at least in control. Ads have been known to frustrate the user & being the reason for most of the uninstalls.

  • Choosing the Platform:

Before starting development make sure you study the market & customer’s requirements thoroughly. And once all requirements & specifications are clear then start development. Having 2+ years of working experience on Unity viz. a cross-platform game engine I would recommend that for iOS or android you should use Native. If you want to launch in both then choose Hybrid. As it happens to be economical than native for both.

  • Analytics play a vital role:

To know how your application is performing, Analytics play an important part for any system, app or website. Analytics helps us know our exact status in the market across the globe. This topic is emphasized in almost each blog you will get to read related to game development. Being in Unity Development, it becomes very difficult and tactful task to keep track of the trends ruling the game development sector.

So this is when metrics come into the picture, and the biggest blunder you can do is not paying attention to your growth metrics. 

  • Give importance to user’s feedback & reviews:

Keeping your users happy & satisfied should be your priority. You should reply to your user’s reviews & feedbacks. By keeping the track of review if it seems relevant then implement in next build. So this is will sure improve your app because they are the actual and frequent users of your application.

  • Keep Multi language Feature, if:

Launching the app across the whole world would obviously face issues regarding language. Solution to this issue is to build with multi language feature to reach a wider region of human population using mobile phones. Most probably developers choose the freely available translation tool, which isn’t a good practice not effective enough for translation feature.

  • Dwell more on Organic users, No fake reviews or downloads:

This is a very critical point which the developers don’t understand until experienced enough. Please don’t get dummy reviews or downloads just to make it count on the stats. Google has algorithms to identify such practices. Google algorithm removes reviews if it catches something fishy in your app reviews. My recent experience of trying such mal-practices has made me much more cautious about this. To actually know how your app is performing? Organic downloads/reviews will give you true analytics & will help to focus on removal of negative points. Follow us for more relevant information about Unity Application Development and more. And contact us if you have an idea of developing an application. We provide high-quality Unity Development Services at competitive rates. Thanks for reading!

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